Get Stared Now

PME offers multiple online project management courses that can be taken at your speed when you’re ready to learn!  This demo contains a sampling of content from all of our online PM courses, and allows you to test-drive the learning management system to get a good sense of how our courses are structured. On the demo conclusion page, learners can click on a link and purchase any of our courses.  Topics demonstrated include:

  • Understanding Projects and Project Management
  • Understanding the Project Life Cycle and Project Tendencies
  • The Project Charter
  • The Project Manager’s Role
  • Exercise: Process Groups Fill-in-the-Blank
  • Basic Principles of Quality Management
  • Minicase: Merriweather Apparel
  • Exercise: Team Leadership Concepts 
  • Communications Planning
  • Data Representation in Quality Management
  • Contract Types
  • Quantitative Data Analysis
  • Case Study: Creating a WBS
  • Exercise: Organizational Structures
  • Flashcards: Project Resource, Communications, and Stakeholder Management
  • Vocabulary Game
  • Demo Conclusion