Innovation and Project Management

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Innovation is doing something different to add value for a customer. Innovation adds a customer capability to do or know something more than they could before, in ways that make their lives better. This class explains the three parts of innovation – business model, technology model, and culture model change – and shows how to project plan and manage different types and degrees of innovation. It shows you how to fuse innovation and project management best practices to manage an innovation project. The following areas will be covered.

  1. Practice developing a project charter for innovation projects.
  2. Practice identifying stakeholders for innovation projects.
  3. Understand innovation models and methods in planning scope.
  4. Understand and practice collecting innovation related requirements.
  5. Understand and practice defining the scope for the innovation project.
  6. Understand and practice creating a basic WBS for innovation projects.
  7. Anticipate impacts to other knowledge areas and phases.

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