Leading Through Change

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When an organization or team is undergoing change, team members look to their leader for guidance and support. Leaders needs to be able to identify and address questions and concerns team members may encounter during a change. Leaders play a vital role in seeing that team members understand the benefits and new opportunities brought about by the change, as well as to embrace and progress through the change.

Leading Through Change focuses on the people and creating a strategy to create buy-in and commitment, as well as address concerns. Change is about leadership and team work. This course provides leaders with a change model and tools to provide support and leadership to their teams during organizational or team changes.


  1. Introduction to Leading Change
  2. Team Change Responses
  3. Reasons Change Fails
  4. Creating a Sense of Urgency
  5. Forming a Partnership for Change
  6. Inspiring a Shared Vision
  7. Leading Versus Managing Change
  8. Communicating
  9. Removing Obstacles
  10. Creating & Celebrating Early Successes
  11. Building on Successes
  12. Anchoring Changes
  13. Action Plan
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