Leading Through Change

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In today’s business environment, the pace and sources of change are multiplying. In order to adapt, people and organizations look to those they trust for guidance and support – those in leadership positions.Leader/managers can identify and address the questions and concerns of team members, provide a direction for moving forward, and communicate strategies to continue to meet strategic and project objectives. Those in leadership positions play a vital role in seeing that team members understand the benefits and new opportunities brought about by the change, as well as to embrace and progress through the change.

Leading Through Change focuses strategies and models that assist people to acknowledge and adjust to changing business conditions. By recognizing the need for a particular change and articulating a strategy to respond to change, leader/managers encourage buy-in and commitment, as well as address concerns.This course provides leaders with change models and tools to provide support and direction to their teams during organizational, team, or project changes.


Module 1: Introduction to Change and the Leadership Role within this Context
Define ‘change’
Review the role of the “nominal” leader
Review common sources and cause of change
Explore common responses to change
Examine the individual and team responses to change
Activity: Case Study 1

Module 2: Change Models and strategies
Review reasons a change response fails
Explore communication as a tool for calm and coordination
Examine the Force Field Tool
Forming a partnership for a change response
Inspiring a shared vision
Creating a sense of urgency
Activity: Case Study 2

Module 3: The Leadership and Management Roles
Review the responsibilities of each role
Recognize the leader/manager is also a human being in a work role
Examine responsibilities to the team
Examine responsibilities to organization
Activity: Case Study 3

Module 4: Strategies to Embrace Change
Review strategies to remove obstacles
Explore strategies to identify and build on successes
Review the importance of creating and celebrating early successes
Examine strategies the anchor and normalize change responses
Activity: Create an individualized plan to apply the course content at work

Module 5: Summary and Next Steps

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