Applying Project Management Principles to the COVID-19 Project Part 4: The Importance of Being Proactive!

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The Trump Administration is being heavily criticized for their reactive response to the COVID-19 virus.  In response, President Trump has continually blamed the Obama Administration for leaving “empty shelves” in the nation’s Strategic National Stockpile (SNS).  Others can determine the truth of that statement but what is true is that in 2018 the Trump Administration… Read more »

Applying Project Management Principles to the COVID-19 Project: Part 3: Executing and Controlling

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In my previous article on planning for the COVID-19 project, I stressed that The Project Management Plan for this project would have detailed the scope, schedule, and cost baselines, clearly stating what deliverables would be created and when they would be completed. The approach used to forecast PPE’s, ventilators, and bed space would need approval… Read more »

Applying Project Management Principles to the COVID-19. Project Part 2: Planning

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In my previous article I described that in early 2019, the Trump administration should have initiated multiple projects to address an pandemic.  For example, a project charter to “Recommend Future Stockpiles of Personal Protective Equipment, Ventilators and Hospital Bed Space” would: 1. Identify and quantify current stockpiles of PPEs including gowns, gloves, masks and other… Read more »

Managing and Leading Millennials

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Millennials have grown up with cell phones, laptops, internet access, and a highly socially-networked world.  They grew up being told they are “special” and as a result tend to be confident, entitled, and sometimes even narcissistic.  50% of millennials consider themselves politically unaffiliated, job satisfaction matters more than monetary compensation, and work-life balance is considered… Read more »

Ethical Approach to Leadership

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I’ve always felt that before you can lead a team you must first understand human behavior and specifically what motivates a typical team member. In Daniel Pink’s book Drive he summarizes studies performed by psychologists Harry Harlow and Edward Deci in 1971 and another study that carried out by professors at MIT in 2017.  He… Read more »